Alp Aviation, On its Way to Indigenous Programs

Alp Aviation, On its Way to Indigenous Programs 9 February, 2018

An important centre featuring the technology and capabilities Turkey has acquired in air platforms, is located in Eskişehir. In this regard, Alp Aviation not only contributes to Turkey with investments in aviation but also serves as an export gate. We discussed with Mustafa Kemal Erçelik, Alp Aviation Member of Board of Directors, about the company’s activities and strategy.


C4Defence: Alp Aviation has shared with the public a major investment in the framework of the Turkish Utility Helicopter Program. Which parts of T70 Blackhawk does this investment entail? Will there be other investments in 2018?

Alp Aviation Member of Board of Directors, Mustafa Kemal Erçelik: Alp Aviation plays a significant role in the Turkish Utility Helicopter Project (TUHP), conducted with Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI) as main contractor. In the scope of this project, 109 Sikorsky T70 helicopters will be produced to be used by the Land Forces Command, Naval Forces Command Air Forces Command, General Command of Gendarmerie, Turkish General Staff Special Forces Command, Turkish National Police and General Directorate of Forestry. This number will increase along with Turkey’s increasing requirements and developments in export markets.

Alp Aviation’s Helicopter Business Centre Facility became operational in October 2017, thus becoming the production, assembly and test centre for all gears and gearboxes including main transmission module, flight critical and dynamic components and their assembly groups, flight command system and undercarriages utilised in T70 Blackhawk helicopters in the TUHP pursued by TAI as main contractor. 


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