Alparslan: We Will Succeed Together

Alparslan: We Will Succeed Together 5 April, 2020

Meteksan Defence General Manager Selçuk Kerem Alparslan explained that they do not consider any options such as layoffs and sending unpaid leave because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Publishing a press release, Alparslan said, “Business life and economic life are inevitably affected negatively. However, this is a time when we all have to show solidarity. While we, as a company, apply methods that will increase social distance such as leave, work from home, work in rotation, in solidarity with our employees; We aim to maintain our commitment and productivity to the maximum extent possible. “The option of layoffs or unpaid leave due to the Corona Virus is not on our agenda.”

Stating that the health of employees, their families and all business partners are always priorities, Alparslan said, “The COVID-19 epidemic is the primary concern of all of us for now, but it is not possible for us to quit our job while our soldier is on duty to protect our homeland at the border, beyond the border. We are in charge of our business unless there is a notification from our government. It is our priority for our employees to survive this period with their families with health and well-being. If necessary, we consider it a responsibility to take care of the health of our employees and their families by enduring all additional burdens. As a country, I am convinced that we will overcome these difficult days with consciousness and social sensitivity. ”

Emphasizing that Meteksan Defence thinks not only of its employees but also its suppliers and solution partners, Alparslan said, “We want our stakeholders who provide us materials, services and solutions to reassure their personnel without experiencing an economic shock. Even if we get stuck in the collection of our receivables, we make great efforts to make our payments to our suppliers. ”

Stating that the process will force the entire sector, Alparslan stated that he believes that they will overcome these difficult days with the support of the Ministry of National Defence and the Defence Industry Presidency.

Alparslan: We Will Succeed Together

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