Altay MBT Will Have Three Variants

Altay MBT Will Have Three Variants 28 November, 2018

Officials from Turkey's Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) have revealed details of the three variants to be produced for the Altay main battle tanks (MBTs) programme by local company BMC

British Magazine Jane’s learnt that the total contract, which was announced as signed on 9 November, is for 251 units of the Altay MBT in three variants. Of this number, 40 will be the T1 variant, which is similar to the four prototype models that have completed testing, and is scheduled to be in service with the Turkish armed forces in 2021.

The next 210 vehicles will be of the Altay T2 standard, featuring increased protection and improved situational awareness systems. The T2 variant is expected to begin deliveries shortly after the tranche of T1 standard tanks have been handed over.

A single T3 variant is to be built and will feature an unmanned turret with a bustle-mounted autoloader. This T3 variant, scheduled for qualification in 2024, is understood to be intended for further trials and technical evaluation rather than for service with the Turkish Armed Forces.

Turkey is also planning to procure 60 armoured recovery and 50 mine clearance variants of the Altay, which will be based on the T1 variant's chassis.

German companies MTU and Renk remain the preferred power pack providers for the Altay, with the same power pack used as on the four prototype models.


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