Alternative Solution from Turaç

Alternative Solution from Turaç 4 October, 2018

Joining the Border Security and Military Radars Summit, Turaç Company exhibited non-lethal munition solutions. The event that was organized for the first time focused on finding solutions to border violations and on the course of action during these violations.

Turac, which has a wide range of products for light weapons ammunition, has included ammunition types that can be used to intervene in illegal border crossing. Company products are widely used in Turkish and globally by both security forces; 9x19 mm diameter guns and .12 caliber shotgun rifles and 5,56x45 mm diameter infantry rifles can be fired. Last year, the company exported 90 percent of nearly eight million non-lethal munitions. This year's production target is about 15 million units.

The use of special ammunition, which has a high level of deterrence due to its pain, stands out as one of the accepted measures in the world. Bullets made of rubber do not leave permanent damage to the muscle tissue if fired from distances above 10 meters.

Alternative Solution from Turaç

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