Amphibious Power Increases in the Far East

Amphibious Power Increases in the Far East 27 June, 2018

Taiwan has signed an agreement with BAE Systems amount of US $ 83.6 million. Under the agreement announced by the US Department of Defense, 30 AAVP7A1 amphibious assault vehicles, four AAVC7A1 command control vehicles and two AAVR7A1 armored recovery vehicles will be supplied. Taiwan will also receive the necessary technical support, training, materials and engineering support from BAE as well as vehicles. All of the vehicles will be delivered in July 2020.

These vehicles, which will be similar to the AAV7A1 previously supplied by Taiwan, weighs 25,000 kilograms. The 400-horsepower Cummins VT400 turbocharged diesel engine powered platform can carry 25 marines at a speed of 13 kilometers per hour in the sea, without the need for any landing vehicle. The AAV7A1 can reach 70 km / h on land.

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