An Ore in the Cradle of Civilisations: KAR-SAV 16 March, 2019

Our series of interviews introducing defence clubs established by university students, hosts in this issue KAR-SAV (Karabük University Defence Technologies Club) at Karabük University. Being the cradle of many civilisations in history, Karabük also stands out with its brilliant engineering candidates, with their hearts set on defence industry.

C4Defence: When was KAR-SAV established and what is its scope of activities?

KAR-SAV: Karabük University Defence Technologies Club (Karabük Üniversitesi Savunma Teknolojileri Kulübü/ KAR-SAV) set out to its journey in March 22, 2017 with a small team. It was officially launched in October 17, 2017 on the basis of seven-months of efforts. Since its inception, it has served as a student club dedicated to inform Karabük University students as well as academic and administrative staff about the Turkish defence industry. We maintain our dynamism thanks to our interdisciplinary work by our members from approximately 600 undergraduate and postgraduate students from various faculties and institutes, 80 of whom actively contribute to club activities. Events that we organise throughout the academic year provide opportunities for hundreds of people to meet with representatives of the Turkish defence industry.

Issue 86