Ancient EW Suite to Greece

Ancient EW Suite to Greece 27 September, 2018

Greece has decided to take action to respond to an important need of the Hellenic Air Force, albeit late. With this decision, an electronic warfare suite will be integrated into 60 F-16C / D Block 52+ aircraft belonging to Greece. The integration of the Greek F-16s with the electronic warfare protection system will be achieved after a long wait.

Development phase of the ASPIS II system started in 1990, which was completed in 2003 and ready for integration,. The ASPIS II suite, consisting of the ALR-93V warning system, the ALQ-187 jammer and the ALE-47 chaff / flare dispenser, has been developed to replace the already existing ASPIS systems. Greece, which has 80 ASPISs in its inventory and integrated it into different aircraft, will start integrating ASPIS IIs after 15 years of waiting. The new suites also feature signal processing capability and radio frequency (RF) memory. In addition to the ASPIS II suites, Greece also supplied 29 ALQ-187 jammers.

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