Angry Voices Rise from UK for F-35 Maintenance

Angry Voices Rise from UK for F-35 Maintenance 15 November, 2016

The UK newspaper "The Register" critisized heavily the issue of F-35 fighters being sent to Italy for airframe maintenance and the engines of F-135s being shipped to Turkey. Upon UK Ministry of Defence's confirmation on these two processes, the newspaper reminded that BAE Systems, which is based in the UK, also have the ability to conduct maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrade (MRO&U) work. The newspaper drew attention to the fact that this solution will step in when the facility in Italy fails to fullfill the expectations.

"F-35 programme has been fictionalized according to global support solution concept. This is a way to provide F-35s a cost effective solution within scale economy. The UK will have the facility to conduct maintenance work, however the major MRO&U will be conducted in Italy and Turkey.", the Ministry responded.

The newspaper stated that the ministry did not actually provide the answer of why the aircraft disassembled and sent elsewhere while we have the capability and added that sending the aircraft to another country may result with the aircraft hold in pledge in the future.


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