Anti-Missile UAS by Japan

Anti-Missile UAS by Japan 10 October, 2016

The Japanese Ministry of Defense disclosed the details of a new Combat Support Unmanned Aircraft system, that would support piloted fighter aircraft. One of the two versions will fly ahead of fighters as a sensor carrier, in formation with piloted aircrafts and receive commands, and the second version will be a high-flying ballistic-missile defense (BMD) aircraft, able to act as a missile sponge, directing incoming threats towards itself and away from the manned fighter. The development of the new UAS is planned in 15-20 years, corresponding to the development of an advanced stealth fighter F-3, configuration of which will be updated to control the new UAS. Envisioned unmanned aircrafts would automatically execute maneuvers with the manned fighter and take commands from the flight leader, such as attacking designated targets or searching specific areas, deciding the best way to execute the pilot’s orders autonomously. The BMD will intercept incoming missile threats and neutralize them through maneuvering, electromagnetic countermeasures, or as a last result, impacting the missile. Power and propulsion systems for the unmanned aircraft are scheduled to begin in 2019.

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