SEAD Capability Increases

SEAD Capability Increases 15 March, 2020

The US Navy, which has been experiencing a relatively slow period since the end of the Cold War, expanding its measures and capabilities for new risk definitions around the world.

Determining the Navy as the first element to intervene in a possible crisis in any part of the world, the US continues its steps towards increasing the capabilities of the air power of Navy. In this context, the USA made a modification on agreement of AGM-88E AARGM (Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile) previously signed with Northrop Grumman. In the statement, it was stated that 253 AGM-88B HARMs in navy inventory will be converted to AGM-88E and two captive training missile will be acquired for Germany within the scope of the modification amounts to 164.9 million USD. Thus, the AARGM transformation of HARMs in naval inventory will be continued and its effectiveness will be increased.

The mission of suppressing enemy air defence systems, which is vital in an operation, is carried out by the F/A-18 Hornet family aircraft or EA-18G Growler platforms within Naval Aviation. In the SEAD (Surpression of Enemy Air Defence) mission, which determines the fate of the operation, AGM-88 HARM and AGM-88E AARGM missiles, which are capable of destroying radar and air defence positions, are using.

SEAD Capability Increases

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