Anti-Ship Missile and Torpedo Approval

Anti-Ship Missile and Torpedo Approval 15 April, 2020

In parallel with the increase in marine platforms, investment in the naval aviation field is also growing.

Another procurement news came for India, which has recently made significant investments in naval aviation. US gave the green light for the acquisition of anti-ship missiles and torpedoes that New Delhi requested. In this context, possible sale of  the Indian Navy, possible sale of 10 AGM-84L Harpoon Blok II air-launched anti-ship missiles, 16 Mk54 light torpedoes and three Mk54 training torpedoes were approved within the scope of FMS. Approximate cost of the package was announced as 63 million USD with the necessary spare parts, hardware and training support,

AGM-84L Harpoon Block II, which is stated to be used in P-8I Neptune maritime patrol aircraft acquired by India with an agreement of US $ 2.1 billion signed in 2009, is the air-launched model of the Harpoon missile family, which Integrated in more than 600 warships, 180 submarines, and about 12 different aircraft. The Block II model of the Harpoons has 226 kg armour-piercing fragmentation warhead. Thanks to the inertial system-supported GPS navigation equipment, the projectile can provide high precision strikes to the over-the-horizon targets. The Mk 54s, the standard anti-submarine warfare torpedoes of the US Navy, have different guidance modes thanks to the active or passive guidance system as well as the active homing warhead. Torpedoes, which equipped with 43.9 kilograms warhead, weigh 278 kilograms.

Anti-Ship Missile and Torpedo Approval

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