Anti-Ship Missile Test

Anti-Ship Missile Test 6 April, 2020

The anti-ship missile density is increasing in the Black Sea. Within the scope of one of the new projects, a test launcht was carried out recently.

Ukraine, which has an important technological infrastructure in missiles, improves its capability to defend against the Russian threat. A test launch was made on 2 April as part of the Neptune missile program, which started in line with the country's coastal defence requirement. In the trial conducted at Alibey Proving Ground located in the south of Odessa, the capabilities of Neptune, the country's new anti-ship missile, were examined. The tactical and technical parameters of the missile were measured. In addition, its characteristics such as range and accuracy to sea targets were checked during tests. In the Defence & Security 2019 Exhibition, the company made a statement to C4Defence.  It was stated that the test activity will be carried out in early 2020. Information about the cause of the delay is not yet available.

Developed to be launched from different carriers, Neptune is 5.3 meters long and 0.6 meters in diameter. It is stated that the missile, propelled the Motor Sich production MS400 turbojet engine, can be effective against 5,000d tons displacement ships. The missiles planned to be taken into the inventory of the land-based system first can reach a range of 300 km.

Anti-Ship Missile Test

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