Anti-Ship Missile Tests Continues

Anti-Ship Missile Tests Continues 28 April, 2020

Faced with Russian pressure in the eastern part of the country and in the Black Sea, Ukraine continues its missile tests despite the epidemic conditions.

Kyiv carried out a new launch test as part of its steadily progressing precision-guided missile program. The trial, held on April 27, conducted at the Alibey Proving Ground, based in the southern part of the country. During the activity in which the Neptune coastal defence system was tested, the radio frequency communication module of the projectile was also subjected to special tests. During the flight, electronic jamming was applied and the resistance of the missile's dual-channel communication system and the warhead to the electronic warfare was monitored. The activities were also attended by the Ukrainian Army Su-27 (NATO Code: Flanker).

The Ukrainian Armed Forces aims to expand its inventory with next-generation missiles with a wide-scale manufacturing target. In this way, Kyiv aims to increase deterrence and effectiveness in Black Sea and Azov Sea.

Anti-Ship Missile Tests Continues

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