Anti-Tank Vehicle on High Altitude

Anti-Tank Vehicle on High Altitude 16 August, 2020

China, which has disputed areas at the Indian border, continues its training and exercise activities in high altitude areas in order to fight at the high altitude conditions of the region.

In the exercise held last week at an altitude of more than 4,500 meters, China's new armoured anti-tank vehicle was detected. It was determined that the platform, which was deployed on a carrier platform in 4x4 configuration, was equipped with an HJ-10 anti-tank guided missile.

The platform, which is estimated to offer a more cost-effective solution than the ZBD-04 tracked and ZBL-09 8x8 wheeled armoured vehicles, which were previously preferred for similar missions, was shown to have a four-door armoured cabin. The presence of a closed storage area at the rear of the personnel cabin was also seen in the vehicle, which has equipment such as a communication system and a central tire inflation system. The vehicle, which carries two missile launchers, can attack on troops composed of heavily armoured elements such as the main battle tank, thanks to its modern projectile.

The HJ-10, which can reach a range of 10 kilometres, weighs 43 kilograms. The missile, whose minimum usage distance is 3 km, can be engaged to moving targets with 15 G manoeuvres. The system has an advanced guidance system consisting of fibre optic wire guidance, semi-active laser seeker and millimetre wave radar seeker. For the missiles that destroy their targets with the High Explosive Anti-Tank / HEAT warhead; it was announced that can penetrate ERA reinforced 1,400 mm RHA armour equivalent materials.

Anti-Tank Vehicle on High Altitude

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