Antonov's "Dream" in China

Antonov's "Dream" in China 2 September, 2016

Aerospace Industry Corporation of China (AICC) made an agreement with The Ukranian Antonov Company covering the serial production of AN-225 Mriya (Dream) (NATO Code: Cossack) cargo aircraft in China under the license of Antonov. Thus, the first steps have been taken for long term cooperation between Ukraine and China. Programme will consist of two stages; first phase includes delivery of AN-225s to AICC after modernization of the aircraft in Ukraine, while the second phase covers the serial production of the aircraft in China under Antonov license. Featuring six turbofan engines, AN-225s were designed by Antonov Design Bureau in 1980s and are the heaviest aircraft in the world with 640 tonne-takeoff weight.

Issue 86