Antonov Winking at Turkey

Antonov Winking at Turkey 7 September, 2020

Oleksandr Los, Senior Manager of the Ukrainian aircraft company Antonov, invited the Turkish aviation industry to take part in the production process of the AN-178 aircraft.

According to the Anatolia News Agency reported on special Antonov's top manager Oleksandr Los found in the assessment of the past week on a visit to Turkey.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and Strategic Industrial Responsible Minister Oleg Uruskiy headed a delegation Los coming to Turkey, the missile industry in Turkey and said that they visited the Baykar company, "I was very impressed with the product-oriented approach here. We are also using this approach Antonov," he said.

Turkey and the Los reminiscent start for relations in the aviation industry in the area between Ukraine 2013 AN-158, "We are in close contact with the Turkish colleagues and my friends since then. In this way, no longer able to speak to potential partnerships for managers AN-178 co-production at the highest levels," the assessment found.

Emphasizing that the Antonov company was dependent on foreign policy in the past, Los said, “Before the war, approximately one third of AN-158 and AN-178 were prepared with Russian, one third Western and one third Ukrainian equipment,” and invited Turkish companies to the equipment replacement process.


Los, "Since 2017, I personally visiting equipment companies in Turkey and Turkish police and is going to ha strength AN-178 we evaluate together the possibilities for integration of the private parts. Therefore, the Turkish equipment is essential for the AN-178." said.


Regarding the production of the second aircraft of the world, AN-225 Mrya, Los said, "AN-225 is an aircraft manufactured in the late 1980s. Its body is perfect but the equipment should be renewed. There are many demands from the market. "The second one of the AN-225 is a task we have to accomplish," he said.

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