Apache and Viper Approved

Apache and Viper Approved 3 May, 2020

The Philippines, which restructuring the army and decided to re-establish many elements after ISIS has started in the country, continues its activities.

An important announcement was made in the attack helicopter process of the Philippines, which continues to be armed with limited economic opportunities. The U.S. has approved the possible sale of eight AH-64E Apache Guardian or AH-1Z Viper attack helicopters as part of the country's attack helicopter requirements. If the agreement is signed, the cost of AH-64Es to the Philippines is 1.5 billion USD and the sales of Viper helicopters will have cost of 450 million USD.

There are 12 MD500MGs in the Philippines inventory, which is currently deploying AW109E helicopters as a light attack helicopter. Receiving two surplus AH-1 Cobra from Jordan in November 2019, the country aims to expand its attack helicopter fleet with modern platforms.

Apache and Viper Approved

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