Apaches to be Guardian of India

Apaches to be Guardian of India 13 May, 2019

India, taking important steps in the field of defence and modernizing the tools in its inventory, took another step. The New Delhi administration announced the first AH-64E (I) Apache Guardian attack helicopter has been delivered.

The Indian Air Force has made a statement on delivery. The first platform was delivered to India at a ceremony held at Boaing's Mesa Facility in Arizona. Three more Apache helicopters will be put out production line and the first delivery package, which includes four helicopters, will be sent to India in July. New Delhi, which ordered 22 units of helicopters as an important step for the Indian Army, will pay US $ 2.02 billion. Helicopters will be formed as two squadrons. One of these squadrons will be based at Pathankot where is near to Pakistan border and another one will be deployed at Jorht where is disputed border of India-China.

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