Argentina to Buy 12 Combat Aircraft from France 19 June, 2016

Argentina is negotiating with France to purchase 12 Mirage F-1 combat aircraft, Argentine Defence Minister Julio Martinez told Argentinian daily La Nacion.  "The Argentine Air Force cannot do without supersonic aircraft. Our pilots must be able to train in modern aircraft," said the minister.

The previous Argentine government had opened initial negotiations to buy 24 or 36 Saab Gripen NGs from the final assembly line that Embraer in preparing in Brazil.  This project had however run into considerable opposition from the United Kingdom and the United States, which can both veto Gripen NG exports as they supply the aircraft’s engine and major subsystems.  The sale of Mirage F-1Cs could also be opposed by the UK, which faces continued territorial claims by Argentina over the Falkland Islands, as these aircraft can be refuelled in flight and could thus pose an increased threat to British sovereignty there.

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