Armenia's Intention is More Armament

Armenia's Intention is More Armament 15 February, 2019


Armenia, which ordered four Su-30 (NATO Code: Flanker H) fighters from Russia in the last period, announced its intention to increase its equipment.

Armenian Defence Minister David Tonoyan made statements about the country's military procurement plans. He added that they would not be satisfied with the four ordered Su-30s and said Armenia would provide additional aircraft and weapons equipment. He also mentioned that the first four Armenian platforms will be delivered on the dates specified in the agreement.

Armenia’s economy based on Russia’s aids, IMF and World Bank loans and left behind 2018 with great troubles. Although 30% of the people living below the poverty line, and before the declaration of armament increase, purchases were always behind the announcements. How Armenia will fund the additional supply of Su-30 is a question of defence backstages.

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