Armoured Vehicle Reinforcement to Haftar Forces

Armoured Vehicle Reinforcement to Haftar Forces 27 December, 2019

Clashes continue between Libyan National Army forces under the command of Khalifa Haftar and the Government of National  Accord. Despite the UN's arms embargo on Libya, Haftar forces were reinforced with new armored vehicles.

A news published in Jane's, it was seen that Libyan National Army forces equipped with Terrier LT-79 armoured vehicles. It was also attended that the vehicle is in new condition and despite harsh environmental conditions, exterior of the LT-79 was considerably clean.

The Armoured Group is the manufacturer of the vehicle which is seen in the use of the 106th Brigade troops. The company has facilities  in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, the USA and Germany, and is capable of manufacturing armoured vehicles as well as armouring civilian vehicles. A video was also released on December 9, showing platforms that were supposed to be in use by a special unit of the Haftar forces. It was spotted that from the shared images, Libyan National Army has at least eight vehicles in its inventory. All the vehicles had armoured weapon stations for 7.62x54 mmR PKM-type machine guns.

Developed on the Toyota Land Cruiser 79 chassis, Terrier LT-79s provide basic weapon protection against light weapons and fragmentation as well as grenades that explode under the hull. The vehicle can carry 10 personnel in total and can be equipped with additional armour plates. The additional protection package makes the vehicle resistant against 7.62x39 mm armour-piercing ammunition.

Armoured Vehicle Reinforcement to Haftar Forces

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