Threat May Accelerate Anti-Ship Missile Deliveries

Threat May Accelerate Anti-Ship Missile Deliveries 18 March, 2020

The waters are warmer than ever in the lands where the sun rises. The West has tightened its steps to balance China's increasing force in the region, which has become a complete production giant and launching many ships it has built.

Unable to respond to China's increasing surface threat at the pace it wishes, the USA takes measures not to lose the initiative. In this context, the US Marine Corps (United States Marine Corps / USMC) can take anti-ship missile systems 1 year earlier than planned. Lt. Eric Smith from the Combat Development Command of the Marine Corps make statements in the Senate Armed Forces Committee recently. Emphasizing the need to strengthen the USMC's hand against China's increasing threat, Smith touched upon the importance of land-based system studies in this area. In the light of the data to be obtained during the test process, the forward availability of the land-based NSM (Naval Strike Missile) systems to be acquired by the Marine Corps will be examined and a final decision will be made.

It was underlined that Beijing, which tried to establish a safe trade corridor by creating a chain of islands in the South China Sea, has 335 platforms in the Congress Report published in 2019.

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