Artillery Hit from 65 Kilometres Distance

Artillery Hit from 65 Kilometres Distance 9 March, 2020

Pyrotechnic technology continues to evolve while microelectronics shrinking to a size that can fit inside the artillery shell. So the gunner gained the ability to make ultra-precise shots. With cooperation of these two important areas, artillery troops will be effective at a longer range in the future.

Yuma Proving Ground hosted an important test launch. The US Army performed four ammunition test firings on March 6 as part of the Extended Range Cannon Artillery (ERCA). The projectiles were fired from the XM1299 self-propelled howitzer system, which was developed from the M109s and was basically a 58-caliber barrel model of the mentioned platforms. Within the scope of the trial, two Excalibur guided ammunition and two XM1113 rocket-assisted projectiles were sent to the targets. One of the Excaliburs recorded a direct hit on the target, while the other splashed 1 meter ahead of the target. The XM1113, fired with supercharged propellant, reached a distance of 65 kilometers and left an important stage behind.

Following the trial phase, the XM1113s will double the range of ammunition used by the US artillery. With the ERCA Program, the USA aims to provide fire support to friendly and allied elements in high-density areas without entering the enemy range.

Artillery Hit from 65 Kilometres Distance

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