ASELSAN Academy Expands Network

ASELSAN Academy Expands Network 8 March, 2018

ASELSAN has launched a program, a first in the world in terms of university-industry collaboration, and became the Council of Higher Education (YÖK)-approved external campus of universities. The program, which is implemented as a collaboration model between an industrial organization and more than one research university, is aimed not only for cooperation between universities and the industry but also for cooperation between participant universities themselves. Under the program, which Gazi University, Gebze Technical University, Istanbul Technical University and Middle East Technical University take part, the employees of the company will be able to carry out their postgraduate training in areas/projects without leaving the ASELSAN facilities. Employees graduated from ASELSAN Academy Post-Graduate Education Program, will be awarded a master's or doctoral degree equivalent to the diploma on the main campus of the respective university. The program, aimed at the development and continuity of the technology and experience that ASELSAN possesses, will also provide a technological project environment for research universities and academicians who are in the process of specialization. Through this program, nationalization of critical technologies in the field of defence industry and the successful completion of projects will gain momentum.

ASELSAN Academy Expands Network

Issue 86