Aselsan Claw to MT-LB

Aselsan Claw to MT-LB 27 May, 2018

Kazakhstan Aselsan Engineering introduces its new short-range air defense system. IGLA Missile Launch System integrated to Soviet production of MT-LB multipurpose tracked armored vehicle. System was exhibited at the 5th KADEX Fair held in Kazakhstan.

With fully autonomous IGLA Missile Launch System developed by Aselsan MT-LB vehicles can attack to low-flying fixed or rotary wing aircraft needed, the UAV attack and cruise missiles. System can be integrated with the allied air defense command and control systems. The platform, which has salvo launch capability, can send two missiles at the same time to its target. Stabilized turret structure can detect and identify with integrated sensors even while moving. IGLA Missile Launching System has integrated training simulator.

Issue 86