ASELSAN Full Ahead on Export

ASELSAN Full Ahead on Export 29 July, 2020

One of Turkey's leading defence company ASELSAN continues sales activities at full speed.

The company announced new export news from its official social media account. "#ASELSAN has signed a new export sales contract with one of its international clients (contract value of 93,2M USD) for the supply of command and control system, anti-tank missile launching systems and gun detection systems." description given in the post about procurement.

The country signed which the contract amounts to 93.2 million USD was not specified. In addition, there is no information about the products to be procured. ASELSAN, which has a wide range of products, includes solutions such as SEDA shooter detection system and Anti-Tank Missile Launching System and Serdar turret. Designed to minimize user interaction, the systems offer efficient use in the daytime, nighttime and any weather conditions.

ASELSAN Full Ahead on Export

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