ASELSAN Continues Export Activities

ASELSAN Continues Export Activities 12 July, 2020

ASELSAN, which is one of Turkey's leading defence companies, continues export activities.

ASELSAN-produced radios, which procure communications systems to Ukraine and even establish a facility in the country for this purpose, have been examined by the country's state instute. ASELSAN PRC-9651, VRC-9661 and PRC-9661 communication systems, which underwent by detailed examination by SSSCIP (State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine, have successfully completed inspection. In a statement made from Ukraine; it is told that the 1.5-year-long comprehensive inspection stated that all requirements for state information security were met. The Kyiv government conducts the said review for all domestic and imported systems that are considered critical in the field of information security.

ASELSAN's digital encrypted radio systems are widely used in the Ukrainian Army.

ASELSAN Continues Export Activities

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