ASELSAN Qonquers Contracts 23 December, 2016

ASELSAN gathers attention by signing four contracts within December 2016. According to the statements of Public Disclosure Platform, four contracts has been signed between ASELSAN and The Turkish Ministry of National Defence. The announcement dates of the contracts being respectively, two contracts on December 19th, one contract on 22nd and one on 23rd. The first two of the contracts were signed on December, 16th. One of the contracts was signed with the purpose of acquisition of Air Defence Early Warning and Command-Control System - Air Defence Early Warning Radar project with a value of $91,418,061; and the other with the purpose of acquisition of Weapon Detection Radar with the value of $176,850,000. On December 22nd, ASELSAN signed the contract for Air Defence Early Warning and Command-Control System, Command-Control Hardware and Information Equipment project with the value of $175,630,000. The last of the contracts announced today has a value of $200 million for Fire Support Automation Systems (ADOP-2000) project. 

Thus, ASELSAN sealed a $643,898,061-contact within a week of December. The company had also completed the first six months of 2016 with another record.

Issue 86