ASELSAN Radios for Turkish Air Force

ASELSAN Radios for Turkish Air Force 29 August, 2019

ASELSAN products, which have a long history in the field of communication systems, reaching wide market domestic sales. The company started to integrate the new generation communication systems into the Turkish Air Force within the scope of TSK Multi-Band Digital Joint Radio Project.

The 9681 V / UHF and 9681 HF radios developed indigenously were integrated for the first time in a Turkish Air Force aircraft. The use of the system installed on the CN235 transport aircraft is expected to become widespread within the Air Force in the future. The systems, which have previously been installed in the air platforms of the Turkish Land Forces Command, are of great importance in terms of increasing the safety by meeting the communication requirements of the other Air Platforms of the Air Force Command with ASELSAN products.

9681 V / UHF Air Transceiver with digital substructure and frequency hopping system; Enables encrypted and open voice / data communication in 30-512 MHz bands. Thanks to its software-based system, the system is equipped with high-speed data communication as well as tactical radio communication in short and medium range, and has electronic protection measures.

ASELSAN Radios for Turkish Air Force

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