ASELSAN Hit on "T-72"

ASELSAN Hit on "T-72" 2 January, 2019

According to the news in ASELSAN's A Bulletin, T-72A Tank Modernization Project, which was carried out with Kazakhstan ASELSAN Engineering (KAE), the company's subsidiary in Kazakhstan, successfully completed and took its place in the showcase as one of the most modern T-72 tank configurations in the world. Within the scope of modernization, T-72 tanks were equipped with a new generation Fire Control System with day / night firing on move capability, remote-controlled anti-aircraft gun capability, command control and communication capability and day / night driving capabilities.

After the modernization, the T-72 tank was subjected to long-term tests in the harsh winter conditions with the officials of the Ministry of Defence of Kazakhstan. As a result of successful tests, a high-ranking delegation from the General Staff of the Republic of Kazakhstan visited the tank shooting area and participated in the sweepstakes.

It was stated that the modernization was quite comprehensive and successful after the firing of the shots in the scenarios determined by the delegation and the inspection of the tank on the tank. ASELSAN congratulated ASELSAN and its KAE team for its success in T-72A tank modernization, emphasizing that ASELSAN modernization solution had superior capabilities than those previously presented by different countries and especially in Kazakhstan under high climate conditions.

Following the completion of the test and acceptance activities, the delegation will start the necessary works for the implementation of this modernization for T-72A and T-72B tanks in the Kazakhstan inventory.

More than twenty thousand in the inventory of more than thirty countries and the most widely used tank in the world, T-72 tanks are known to contain modern technology and modernization of the Fire Control System.

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