Aselsan to Protect Submarines

Aselsan to Protect Submarines 22 June, 2018

Factory acceptance tests of the prototype of the launcher developed under the Acoustic Deceptive System Project for Submarines have been completed. Within the scope of the DAKA Project in 2013, ASELSAN has developed the decoy systems for Preveze and Gür Class submarines, which will be integrated to. 

The integration of the Decision Support System, which is delivered within the scope of the DAKA Project, and the integration of the Launcher System into the platforms is aimed at maximizing the defence effectiveness of the submarines in the Turkish Naval Inventory against torpedo threat. The system consisting of two launchers at the port and starboard (right and left), can launch decoys in all kinds of movement and maneuver of the submarine in a short time. With its unique design that can work in deep water pressure and does not leak air during launch, it has achieved significant success in the project and achieved significant competitive advantage for similar systems for overseas markets. The system is modular in structure and can be adapted to cell number and layout according to the platform to be integrated.

Issue 86