ASELSAN Ukraine is established

ASELSAN Ukraine is established 3 September, 2020



ASELSAN established a company in Ukraine. In the statement made by the company to Public Disclosure Platform( KAP), the following statements were made: The company titled "ASELSAN Ukraine LLC." was established in order to realize the marketing and business development activities in Ukraine on September 1st, 2020”

ASELSAN signed a Memorandum at the Arms and Security Expo  held in Ukraine in 2017 when tactical communication provided the supply to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. ASELSAN also signed a contract with Spetstechnoexport SE (STE) at the same fair in 2019. This contract included the titles of radio stations to the Ministry of Defence.

ASELSAN and STE have also been conducting a study and marketing the remote-controlled weapon system called Serdar to third countries through Ukraine and Ukraine. Luch company's laser pointer on Serdar and Skiff medium range anti-tank missile were brought together on the turret.

ASELSAN has also developed a thermal camera for Skiff, which is also widely used in the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

ASELSAN Ukraine is established

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