Employment Increase Continues in ASELSAN

Employment Increase Continues in ASELSAN 14 April, 2020

ASELSAN employs 541 more people as of February 2020. It reached a total of 8,106 people. The target will be to add 1,300 talents by the end of the year. ASELSAN acquired approximately 1200 people in the company in 2019.

Since January 2020, ASELSAN has merged its paths with 201 engineers, 307 technicians and 33 experts. 59 per cent of the engineers worked in design and R&D, 12 per cent in program management, and 29 per cent in logistics, production, management support, quality and business development.

ASELSAN Chairman of the Board and General Manager Dr Haluk GÖRGÜN said, “Every product we develop is the work of our employees’ dreams, labour and design. Even in a very challenging and uncertain year, such as 2020, we continue to grow regarding our government’s determination and trust. If we can continue to implement our sustainable business plans without interruption, I would like to attribute this to the precious ASELSAN employees who work with it. ”

ASELSAN will continue to grow despite all the challenging conditions. It aims to close the year by reaching over 1300 new colleagues by not making any changes in its 2020 employment plans.

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