Online Fair for Military Medical

Online Fair for Military Medical 10 June, 2020

After the cancellation of fairs and organizations due to COVID-19, the defence sector components began to come together through technology.

Aiming to bring the military medical sector together, the Military Medical Web Exhibition brought together military procurement offices on a global scale. The online fair, which starts on June 9th, provides the opportunity to participate in different meeting rooms over the internet for those who want to promote their products.

The number of participants in the event, which uses Karel's video conferencing solution, has been limited to 1,000 people.

On the first day of the Military Medical Webex, it was announced that the military delegations of 16 countries participated and a total of 104 meetings were completed with 62 companies.

Hakan Kurt, the general manager of the event, said there is a wide range of participation from the United States to Bangladesh, Colombia to Pakistan, from the United Kingdom to Kosovo, from Bosnia to Afghanistan.

With the fair, air health and services, clean room technology, health information and management systems, analytics, biotechnology devices and services, medical devices, medical technologies and laboratory services will be brought together with sub-contractors.

Online Fair for Military Medical

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