Assault Rifle Delivery

Assault Rifle Delivery 23 July, 2020

Infantry rifles, which provided an absolute superiority to the armies when they were first used, and whose main explosion was accompanied by the Industrial Revolution, continue to develop with advancing technology.

Estonia, one of the smallest members of NATO, continues its defence system procurement projects. In the process, which was started in order to renew the army of the country and to meet the requirements of the modern battlefield, the first batch of 1,500 assault rifles received. The rifle, which the Estonian Defence Forces will receive a total of 16,000 units, has been announced as R20 Rahe. It is planned to deliver all of the weapons to be produced in the USA-based company LMT Defence within two years.

R20 Rahe, which has a modular structure, can be easily equipped with different length barrels and other accessories even in field conditions. The system, which is user friendly, can be easily adapted to the needs of the personnel such as height, left or right-hand use. Adapted to the requirements of the Estonian Army through the company's MARS-L (Modular Assault Rifle System-Light) rifle. The R20 Rahe, has 3.3 kilograms empty weight, reaches 914 mm length in its largest configuration. The rifle, which has an AR series mechanism and fires 5.56x45 mm cartridges, has an adjustable buttstock. Thanks to the MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail on the receiver and handguard, the rifle, which can be easily equipped with different optics and electrooptics, has M-LOK handguard that suitable for being equipped with a flashlight, laser pointer and underbarrel grenade launcher. R20 Rahe, which has a aviation aluminium receiver, feeds from 30-round detachable magazines.

Assault Rifle Delivery

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