ATAK Will See&Hit In All Weather

ATAK Will See&Hit In All Weather 1 December, 2016

The Turkish Ministry of Defence announced via social media accounts that T-129 ATAK helicopter, developed by TAI, has been integrated with MILDAR. Currently undergoing ground tests, the flight tests of MILDAR Helicopters will begin in a short period. Developed by METEKSAN, the milimeter-radar MILDAR was named after the 'Development of Milimeter-wave Radar Techniques for Land Target Engagement" programme.  While the multi-target engagement ability provides improved strike force of the attack helicopter, the helicopter version of radar, MILDAR Helicopter can be used in rescue/surveillance and fire control missions. The public knows a similar radar being AN/APG-78 Longbow Milimeter-wave Fire Control Radar which is mounted on some of Boeing's Apache helicopters.

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