Atmaca Anti-Ship Missile Hit from Long Distance

Atmaca Anti-Ship Missile Hit from Long Distance 4 July, 2020

The anti-ship missiles offer important opportunities for the user to eliminate surface targets from long ranges. Turkey is improving its anti-ship missile capability with indigenous system studies.

The Presidency of Defence Industries announced that test launch was carried out with the Roketsan Atmaca anti-ship missile developed with local facilities. In the images that shared the official social media account of the Presidency includes "ATMACA; our ATMACA flew long this time. Our #ATMACA cruise missile, which successfully fulfils its functions by hitting the target at a 220+ km distance, is preparing to enter the inventory." description. The trial was held on July 1. In the video, it was seen that Atmaca was launched from the dual launcher configuration. The missile was cruised to its target at 220+km range, following the sea surface from a very close altitude, with a high level of sea-skimming capability. It has been observed that the guided projectile hits the simulated target on surface with a very low CEP value.

Atmaca, whose weight is about 800 kilograms; equipped with complex guidance system includes the Inertial Navigation System, Global Positioning System, Barometric Altimeter and Radar Altimeter and also the active radar seeker. The ammunition, equipped with a 250 kilograms high explosive penetrating warhead engage targets within the range of over 200 kilometres. The missile can be used in any weather condition, equipped with target update with a data link, re-attack and mission abort capabilities. Besides surface vessels, ammunition, which can be launched from underwater platforms, stands out as a difficult system to intercept thanks to its low radar signature, resistance to countermeasures and advanced capabilities. Atmaca offers important flexibility to the user thanks to its 3D mission planning and target selection features. The integration and qualification process of the missile is planned to be completed with the domestic KTJ-3200 engine developed by Kale Aerospace in the next year.

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Atmaca Anti-Ship Missile Hit from Long Distance

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