Atmaca goes into Serial Production 2 November, 2018

The Atmaca missile, which was developed to increase the deterrence of the Turkish Navy, goes into mass production. Presidency of Defence Industries and Roketsan signed a serial production agreement for the Atmaca cruise missile, which was developed indigeniously.


The Atmaca missile, developed under the Surface-to-Surface Missile Procurement (ATMACA) Project, has 350 mm diameter. The system has a wingspan of 1.4 meters and weighs approximately 800 kilograms and has 200 kg of warhead. Atmaca, which has a to a range of 200 kilometres, will be firstly integrated into İ Class frigates. Under the scope of the contract, the mass production of missiles will be realized by Roketsan, the firing control system and the necessary equipment and other materials will be produced by Aselsan. Atmaca is the first anti-ship missile which will be produced in Turkey.

Issue 86