Authorization Shock In Engines From Ukraine

Authorization Shock In Engines From Ukraine 11 October, 2017

A shocking fact has been revealed regarding the"authorized company" to bring the engines that Turkey was considering supplying from Ukraine to be used on the Altay main battle tank. The Undersecretariat of Defence Industries (SSM) has acted on the company "Delta Defense Defense Ltd.", who claimed they were the only company authorized to represent Ukraine's tank engines in Turkey. As a result of the negotiations held by the Turkish and Ukrainian leaders in Ankara in March 2017, the two countries decided to improve their engine cooperation opportunities. Following the meeting, C4Defence held talks with UkrOboronProm CEO Roman Romanov to discuss developments on the tank engine issue, and Turkish public awareness of developments. Following this publication, Serdar Özyurt, the owner of Delta Defense Defense Company, reached C4Defence and explained their plans, claiming that they were the only company authorized on this subject. Following the publication of Özyurt's claims about the company's authorization, SSM sent a letter to the Embassy of Ukraine on 5 June. SSM questioned the authorization of the company. Responding to the written inquiry of the Undersecretariat in this matter on 7 July 2017, the Embassy stated that the permission and authorization letter number 31.2/91/2017-17 of the state foreign trade organization Spets Techno Export dated 14 March 2017 offered by the company was not in fact authentic. In the official response of the embassy, "the content of the dated correspondent is different. Spets Techno Export did not give the consent to the Delta Defense Defense Company. " Upon this development, SSM wanted to share information with Turkish defence industry regarding the 38539801,724.1.1-E.2017-O-28634 correspondence dated September 15, 2017 and  Delta Defense company. In a notification, SSM said "According to the correspondences, Delta Defense Ltd., which claimed to be authorized by the "Spets Techno Export" company belonging to the Ukrainian state within the scope of the defence industry studies conducted with Ukraine, was not given any authorization on the subject". Delta Defence reported that the company was also authorized regarding Zaslon ERA, however, yesterday, ROKETSAN signed a framework agreement in Ukraine for the same product.

Authorization Shock In Engines From Ukraine

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