Autonomous Flight from Russia

Autonomous Flight from Russia 6 August, 2019

Russia’s Sukhoi Okhotnik (Hunter) autonomous heavy unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) has made the first flight, the Russian Defence Ministry told reporters. According to the ministry, the first flight lasted for over 20 minutes and the aerial vehicle has flown by the operator made several circles around the airfield at an altitude of 600 meters. UCAV has a low signature, a flying wing aerodynamic scheme, and a take-off weight of 20 tons. It is made of composite materials and a radar-absorbing coat. Okhotnik is designed to strike targets on the ground in support of manned aircraft, destroying air defences and headquarters units.

Okhotnik will be a fully autonomous drone. That is, it will be able to take off, accomplish its mission, and land without human interference. UCAV will have the ability to analyse the combat situation and cancel the attack when necessary.

Autonomous Flight from Russia

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