Avengers are Back

Avengers are Back 30 December, 2019

The United States of America continues to take precautions against increasing air threats in Europe. In this case, distribution of reactivated short range air defence systems continue.

After considering the threat level, US decided to store AN/TWQ-1 Avenger short range air defence system (SHORAD). Last year, the US Army decided to reactivate and deploy Avengers to the combat units espacially based in Europe. Within this context, reactivating process of the Avengers which are stored at Letterkenny Army Depot. 5th Air Defence Battalion of 4th Air Defence Regiment stood up and deployed to Germany first. This unit closing the gap in air defence net of the region.

AN/TWQ-1 Avenger equipped with eight FIM-92 Stinger missiles and one 12.7 mm machine gun. System is based on M1097 Heavy Load HMMWV can serve within radar net of the mission area. System is effective agains air threats flying between 200 and 3,800 metres.

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