AVIC discloses mini air-deployable UAV SW-6 4 November, 2016

China has packed electronic warfare into mini UAV for tactical use. The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) has revealed the latest addition to its Tian Yi (Sky Wing) tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that carries a high definition CCD daylight camera or an infrared imager as well as a two-way datalink to stream data to a nearby ground-based terminal. In the EW mode, the SW-6 has a payload of single or multiband radio frequency (RF) jamming packages.

The Sky Wing 6 (SW-6) can be air launched and it is designed for deployment from an aircraft.  It has a maximum take-off weight (MOTW) of 20 kg and is capable of carrying a 5 kg payload in its nose. A lithium ion battery provides energy to both the motor and payload.  An electric motor enables the UAV to achieve cruising speeds of 80 to 100 km/h with a flight endurance of 1 hour.

AVIC discloses mini air-deployable UAV SW-6

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