Are the Feet Cut Off of the Floor? 4 October, 2019

TEKNOFEST, which uses the motto of “festival that doesn't stand on the ground”, raises the question “Is it a festival that doesn't stand on the ground?” after the IDEF, even though the goals of the two are different. Did a lot of young-kids buried in their phones really get what this festival wanted to give?

Out with the "National Technology Drive" slogan, led by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, and Turkey Team Foundation Technologies (T3 Foundation) the TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival continues to bring young people to the sector. The second event was held between 17-22 September this year at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. According to the information received at the end of the event, more than 1 million students visited the Festival. The first thing about the children running between the platforms under the supervision of schools and teachers was that they were more interested in their phones than in their environment. Were the students really warming up in the sector, or were they thinking of something other than sharing something on their social media accounts?

Issue 86