AYESAŞ; Prepared for the TF-X with the F-35 7 October, 2018

Taking part in the F-35 Program as the sole source supplier from Turkey, AYESAŞ takes pride in shouldering a unique mission. We interviewed with AYESAŞ General Manager Öner Tekin about the tasks undertaken in the F-35 Program, investments for this project, expertise gained, handover ceremony in the USA as well as the Company’s future goals.

C4Defence: The F-35 is considered as one of the most advanced aircraft in the world. What kind of a feeling is it to know that your products are featured in the aircraft delivered to Turkey?

AYESAŞ General Manager Öner Tekin: We participated in the design and production of the F-35 as the sole source supplier. Only a very limited number of companies were invited to the handover ceremony. Thus, during the event, we felt much enthusiasm and pride not only for ourselves but also for our country. Following the very successful meetings held in advance of the ceremony, we were recommended by our customers as well as the US Joint Program Office and the Turkish Presidency of Defence Industries to other attendees working for the F-35.

Issue 86