Bahadur Era Ended

Bahadur Era Ended 27 December, 2019

Another era of the Indian Air Force / IAF inventory has come to an end. Bahadur period was closed in the IAF, which was frequently brought up by accident / incident events.

The Indian MiG-27ML (NATO Code: Flogger), which has been in service since 1985, recently retired with a ceremony. The last unit using this aircraft in force was the No. 29 Scorpion Squadron located in the west part of the country.

The MiG-27s, which made its maiden flight at August 20, 1970 have a variable sweep angle wing structure. India took its inventory 165 of them which were manufactured in HAL plants based in India, also called "Bahadur". A total of 165 aircraft are used in the Indian inventory. Aircraft can adjust angle of sweep from 16 to 72 degrees, depending on ambient conditions and speed. In December 2018, India decommissioned another squadron of single-engine aircraft. 


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