Ballistic Precaution

Ballistic Precaution 10 January, 2019

China continues to increase its offensive power. In this process; deployment of new systems in the areas deemed necessary.

In this context, the Beijing administration mobilized the DF-26 systems in the northwestern part of the country. The DF-26s were placed on the plateau and desert areas in the region. According to a report published in the Chinese media, platforms was moved after USS McCampbell (DDG 85)'s transition on the Xisha Islands. In this way, the Beijing administration has increased its deterrence in the area near the islands.

The DF-26, which is a anti-ship ballistic missile, can be effective in the range of 3 to 4000 kilometers. By deploying these systems in relatively inland parts of China, China has reduced the risk of being identification and interception during the launch and climbing phase. The DF-26 is capable of carrying the nuclear warhead.

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