Bayraktar At Ease

Bayraktar At Ease November 25, 2016

Following Austrian Parliament's approval on suspention of military equipment and hardware export to Turkey, all eyes turned to the Austria-imported systems. Austria provides small weaponary to the defence sector, such as guns, as well as internal combustion engines for civillian aviation. Rotax engines which are developed in Austria powers Turkish UAV Bayraktar TB2, after necessary technical modifications. C4Defence learned that as the company belongs to Canadian Bombardier Inc. since 1970 and thus, has no relations with the issue except having a production line in Austria.

The engine is also used on civillian air platforms. In ther words, the engine is not counted as a military equpiment, but a commercial product. on the orther hand, TB2 uses internal combustion engines which can be easily supplied in open market economy. Since there are many of-the-shelf products in the market and the production of such engine in Turkey would not be cost-effective, it does not seem advantageous for Turkey to manufacture the engine indigeniously. 

Consequently, as internal combustion engines are not a critical element, Bayraktar's only statement for the relevant embargo is that it does not concern Bayraktar TB2, at all.

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