Bayraktar TB2 on Rhodes

Bayraktar TB2 on Rhodes 12 August, 2020

Bayraktar TB2, one of the unmanned aerial vehicles serving successfully in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces and the General Directorate of Security, is also on duty at the Eastern Mediterranean.

Turkey's MTA Oruc Reis seismic research vessel deployed off the coast of Kastellorizo Island for hydrocarbon surveying activities and the waters in the Eastern Mediterranean warmed-up. The task group, which is moved to the region with a task force of at least five warships affiliated with the Turkish Naval Forces, is being followed step by step from the air. A Bayraktar TB2 tasked in this context showed itself in flightradar24 by turning on the transponder. It was seen that the platform with serial number TCB-809, which was determined to cruise at 18,000 feet altitude and 72 knots cruise speed, was closed to Rhodes.

Platforms operating at an operational altitude of 18,000 feet can climb up to 27,000 feet. TB2s can reach 27 hours endurance depending on the payload. Bayraktar TB2 has a 12 metres wingspan and 650 kilograms maximum take-off weight. Platforms, which can carry 150 kilograms of payload, can be equipped with as electro-optics or AESA radar and smart ammunition payload.

Bayraktar TB2 on Rhodes

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