Belarussian Flute

Belarussian Flute 4 February, 2020

State Military-Industrial Committee of Belarus held the meeting. The new tactical CNRA (Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher) system was introduced at the event held in the capital Minsk.

According to the news published in the country media, the launching tests of the system, which was unveiled during exhibition, continue. The platform consisting of SHTS (Silach) 4x4 armored tactical vehicle mounted 80 mm rocket launcher system developed over the GAZ-3308 Sadko chassis is called "Flute". The system, which carries 80 launch tubes, uses C-8 air-to-surface rockets. With a combat weight of 6 thousand 790 kilograms, the Flute system can be commaned from a single center thanks to its automatic control system. The platform, which equipped with automatic rotatng and elevation equipment, can enter and exit the position within 30 seconds.

Belarussian Flute

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