Russia Deploy Tanks to Belarus Border

Russia Deploy Tanks to Belarus Border 7 August, 2020

Belarus, which will conduct general elections in the next Sunday, has taken action against Russian occupation.

Public opinion polls revealed that State Aleksandr Lukashenko could not be re-elected. If the president, who has close relations with Russia, fails to take the seat again, Russia is afraid to apply the Ukraine scenario on the country. Following the arrest of 32 mercenaries affiliated to the Russian company Wagner in the past week in Minsk, Minsk decided to mobilize the army. As of August 10, 3 thousand Belarusian soldiers will be deployed in groups on the Russian border. Also, according to the news published in the country press, people living in the Vitebsk Region were called to the military branches. In this context, it has come to the agenda that men under the age of 35 who have completed their military service before are re-armed and undergo 25 days of training.

In parallel with the news, Russia is dispatching troops and armoured vehicles to the Belarusian border. It was stated that the Russian Ministry of Defense started exercises in the Western Military District of last Wednesday, with 3,000 soldiers, 800 items of equipment and armoured vehicles. It has been announced that exercises will be conducted in Voronezh, Moscow, Bryansk, Belgorod, Smolensk and Kursk regions.

Russia Deploy Tanks to Belarus Border

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